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Ultra 150 Modifications
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The 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 modifications page show the specific modifications done to my Ultra 150. Reading the Lucky Ghost Story you will soon find out that some parts, like the; shred master ride plate, beach house sponson, and R&D Aquavein Intake Grate are almost mandatory . The info needed for the 2000 ultra 150 modification , to be faster than your friend's jetski, is free at the ultra 150 forums.

2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 modifications - Lucky Ghost II Story

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There had to be more excitement We came across this 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski at the end of summer in the year 2004. At that point in time I was mainly running a couple of big and heavy 3-seaters jet skis. I was getting bore and finding no excitement in the ride anymore. Somehow it felt almost like riding in my old Formula boat, safe and secure but I couldn't feel the big rush anymore. While conducting a search with google for personal watercraft I found a forum dedicated to the Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski, it was run by Skiworx Watercrafts Performance. Reading at this forum got me excited about this little "Speed Devil". See the top flash movie bigger on a wmv file - Ultra 150 Video.

Kawasaki Ultra 150 - The facts

I learned Ultra 150 in the
yard image at this forum that the Ultra 150 was the fastest factory stock jetski available from 1999 to 2003. Their top speeds of 63 to 66 miles per hours had been verified either using global positioning devices or radar guns. I also learned that the speed that shows up on most stock speedometer that come with the new jetski, from factory, was far from being the actual and real speed. The hardcore riders call them dream-meter. You most remember not to go by what the stock speedometer readout shows when comparing to other riders. Many riders at the lakes swear to 80 mph when in reality their jetski can only go 55 gps mph. When making speed claims, you better use a radar gun or a global positioning device to get an accurate speed read out. That's, if you want others riders respect!

Free knowledge just for the reading

At the Kawasaki Ultra150 Forum I found many raiders related to the Ultra 150 jet ski picture regional and national racing circuit and they had invested a lots of time and money in , Research and Development, to make their racing jet skis faster and be able to win at the races. From this forum (Database of knowledge I call it) it became evident to me that the Kawasaki jetski was a very reliable and dependable machine. Even though, I did owned 3 jet skis and had been using them for 4 year, I discovered that I didn't knew much about PWCs and that it was time to go back to school. So, I expended many hours every day, until I had read everything at that forum about the fast Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski, also, I did a research an internet to get a wider view.

Seadoo RXP took title from Kawasaki Ultra 150

The bottom 2000 Ultra 150 in
hammock pict 12 line was that by 2004 Seadoo had come out with their new monster machine, the 2004 RXP. This new ski was bigger and heavier than the Ultra 150 but it came out with a super charged engine capable of producing 215 HP. The accepted and official top speed was between 66 to 69 miles per hours on radar. The Seadoo RXP had taken the title from the Kawasaki Ultra 150 as it was the fastest "factory stock" personal watercraft available in 2004. This "Monster Engine" had the potential, with some major modifications, to deliver big power and unbelievable speed. All that was needed, was to get the aftermarket industry to start producing new parts.

Ultra 150 at the aunching ramp 2006 image

I was a proud 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 owner

I have never been a circuit racer but I like to get to from point A to point B as fast as I can without breaking the bank. Around that time, I came across a good deal on a modified 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150, since it was already modified and it was suppose be able to go 68 to 70 GPS mph according to what I had learned at the ultra forum, I went for broke and bought it. The seller had claimed 74 mph as this ultra 150 top speed but, I knew that was going to be close to impossible with the amount of modifications done to this jet ski. I was hoping for 70 GPS mph but a 68 would have been OK with me. Wow... Congrats to myself! I had, finally, become the proud owner of a fast and highly modified Kawasaki jet ski.

Ultra 150 at the Colorado River image

God will always help us but, you better treat your kids right...
They're the one that will choose a nursery home for your old age!

Ultra 150 Modifications

Stinger Mod

Skiworx Level 1

Proks FA - Primer kit

Kawasaki Ultra 150
picture 17
Ultra 150 68.7 mph video

R&D 42 "Red Head"

Beach House Sponson

buckshot BRM 50
Carburetors pict
Buckshoots 50s Carburators

Jet Pump tuned by Impros

Steering Nozzle Extension

Big modified Solas Picture 15
Modified Solas
grate - Picture 15
Modded Solas Intake Grate 16

Shred Master Ride Plate

Front Triple Pissers

2000 Ultra picture 12
Ultra 150 First Video

Solas Prop tuned by Impros

Apdesign Seat Cover

Aquavein Intake Grate pict
R&D Aquavein Intake Grate

Generic Splash Guard

Duckbill Drain Kit

Shred Master Ride Plate, intake grate and nozzle extension image

Auto Bilge Pump

Tiny Tach


A Very Old

Crazy Driver...

Feeling Young Again!

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Solas Intake grate
being modified
by Papoloko debuted their new site as: Ultra 250X : Kawasaki New Racer. They offer Ultra 250 Videos
Modifications - Shops
, and also for viewing, there are 5 world final "cool" PWC racing videos, jet ski racing pictures, a very detailed description plus Ultra 250X specifications and a quite big, comprehensive, collection of PWC resources links. All of it was designed to honor the supercharged Kawasaki beast: the new 250X!